All I Want

I see you, I hear you, I want to be with you
to spend one day in those arms
to have one chance to hold you close
to keep you away from all that is bad
to wipe away your tears you cry when your sad
the kisses of you that would blow me away
and just cant wait for the next day
the next day I get to see you
the next time I get to hold you
the next time our lips meet
it doesnt have to be hardcore
just simple and sweet
for it's those that last the little things that we'd do
but no, will I ever be with you
will I ever have those feeling
feelings to share with everyone
to let them all know the things I've done
the things that happend to make me this way
what happend to make me smile on every dark foggy day
the things you will do to pick me up
pick me up from a sad little slump
the slumps that I'd get when stuff is wrong and i feel blue
from the little stufff I never meant to do
I never meant to hurt them or hurt you
no there is nothing, nothin I can do
but thats I wanted to have those little moments
to have memories for me and you to share
the moments we laughed the moments we cried
just to show our romance never died
show that we are just a couple teens
a teens romance that never dies
we just quit, we quit and are afraid of what will happen next
if I could spend that one day in your arms
to be drowned by the beating of your heart
well thats not all I want, thats just a start......

by Elliott Gilbert

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