All I Want

Poem By Angel of Darkness

I am a daughter, A sister, A grandaughter, a neice, A cousin and a friend,
I am a partner, A student,
A young girl and a grown woman,
i am confident and scared,
I am terrified and excited,
I am loving and caring,
Yet thoughtful and hopeful.

I am sick and tired,
I am shy and friendly,
Careful and careless,
I am broken yet whole,
i am misunderstood, misguided and Mislead,
I am hardworking and determined,
But a little scared on the inside.

I wish on stars and dream my dreams,
I pray to god and cry my tears,
I smile on the outside while i am dying on the inside,
I listen to others who won't listen to me,
I walk on egg shells and i walk on fire,
I believe in passion But not true love,
I love you yet i push you away,
I want you but not so close,
I am everything and nothing all at once,
and yet,
All i want is for you to love me.

Comments about All I Want

Hey, We at (http: // absolutely love your poem and we would be completely honoured if you would think of submitting at our poetry blog. Best wishes.
absolutly loved it magnificent i give you a 10
tha was good and i love the ending

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