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All I Want Is To Be Loved

Tears pour from my eyes,
I try so hard to hold them back,
But they just fight past my eyelids,
My cheeks turn bright red and are as hot as a fire,
My hands start to sweat,
And all I want is to be loved,

I try not to cry in front of friends,
Because they all crowd round me,
And some even laugh at me,
Or they just tell everyone I cried at lunch time,
But sometimes there are people that make me cry no matter what,
All I want is to be loved.

by Sophie Shaw

Comments (4)

'And all I want is to be loved, ' we seek love untill death! Life is love
You are loved Sophie, very much. We are very proud of you and love you every minute of every day. Love you x
Dont we all
nice poem passing through same emmotional instability too you are not alone in that thanx for sharing