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All I Want To Be
AR (11.01.89 / India)

All I Want To Be

Its the sweat and the grime,
The dirt and the swines,
That make me begin to question my existence.

There's a past and a present and a future to look forward to,
There's pain and anguish and moments of complete bliss.

There are times we've felt so happy we could live to eternity.
Yet sometimes a moment more seems unbearable.

Weaved into our lives are moments that will give joy forever,
When your baby is in your arms and you cuddle it for the first time.

There's the future shining with all its hope,
There are dreams to be fulfilled, places to reach,
Destinations we have set;
Our eyes are on our goals, Determination in our spirits,
And lastly,
There is the present.

We live in it.
We breathe and talk and the days flow into one another.
Each moment becoming the past, slowly.

I'm tired of whiling away seconds,
Of knowing I live and not knowing why,
Of dreaming and loving so mechanically.
Dream because you have to.
Do what you must.

Each moment in my hand is suddenly so precious,
My darling present.

I will still eat,
I will still sleep,
I will still joke and cry and fall apart,
And i will get myself together once again.

When I eat, I will relish what I'm eating;
When I joke I will laugh at my own jokes;
When I cry i know there will be someone to wipe my tears.
This is how i will live.
I will live in today.
The present is beautiful.
Each moment of this life is like a rose ever blooming,
Ever fragnant and ever springing,
Even if Life seems to be a dark desert at times.
This is how I will live.
Not breathe and survive and perish into oblivion.
I will live as a happy soul who has loved life.
That is all I want to be.

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syabas! anam, you have an iron heart with veins of steel.once again, syabas!