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All I Want To Do Is To Love You
GS (17/12/82 / brighton uk)

All I Want To Do Is To Love You

Poem By Gareth Simpson

I won't say that I beleive in love nor glory
though the evidence says its my life story
all my life I've been in disguise
I can't seem to break these ties
I'd stop it all for you
nothing I wouldn't do
I swear it's true
but would that only bring me pain
instead of sunshine bring me rain
by the chance I take I stand or fall
on you night and day could I call?

all I want to do is to love you
through the night and day
there would be no other way
I'd say what you want me to say
I'd pick up each time you call
and catch you when you fall
I wana hold you tight
forget who's wrong or right
but Iam so insecure
that you wouldnt love me if you saw
what lies beneath it all
all I want to do is to love you

I'd love you for yourself and nothing else
I'd love you for your heart and what it felt
all iam asking for is the same in return
then the night stars eternal they could burn
but I walk alone through the sands
while in the ballrooms they dance
and the lovers hold hands
all I want to do is to love you

can't you see how we are alike
I might be shy but I know what I like
I like the way your hair does flow
I like everything from head to toe
but my words are rarely spoke aloud
I've seen pretty faces disappear in the crowd
all I want to do is to love you

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I've glimpsed three of your 'works' and read 2 thoroughly but at a glance I can already tell you are a lyricist and your words should be put to music. I wonder if you play an instrument?