All In A Days' Work

Rudolph definitely was having a bad hair day.
It seemed absolutely nothing was going his way.
Mother chewed him out royally, for leaving food on his plate,
When he got a hold on his temper it was a little too late.
Stumbling over a rock, as he stomped off in a huff,
Had ruined a perfectly good manicure on his right front hoof.
As he muttered a few choice words under his breath,
A pinecone promptly hit him on the head.
Blinking big sad eyes he looked up toward the sky.
He thought at least mother nature would have been on his side.
The hair on his back simply would not lay down,
Making him feel he looked just like a clown.
Angered at old man winter, the sun had melted a lot of snow.
Leaving the blanket on the ground much too low.
Rudolph dreaded finding out Santas' mood,
One thing for certain it could'nt be good.
The cracking sound of Santas' whip was so real,
He could almost feel it touching his heel.
His nose wasn't glowing as brightly as it should,
The drip of his sinuses had messed it up good.
Rudolph squared his shoulders and backed his ears,
In a bogged down situation you've got to change gears.
"When things get tough - the tough get going"
This thought caused his nose to start brightly glowing.
He grinned at himself ready to fight,
Ready for the flight and a hard days' night.
Never in a million years would he disappoint the little tykes
Depending on him this christmas eve night.

by Betty B. Holmes

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