All In One

'Oh! Lord of the Heaven!
Whither have thee gone?
Answer my daily prayer.'
Cried a blind beggar.

The pity of Heaven,
Touched his inner vision,
And he stood aghast,
Before the Lord at last.

'My son! 'Am pleased!
Your prayer now answered.
Not more than a boon,
Well, ask me, soon.

'Oh! Lord of Lords!
To speak, I've no words.
Let me see my grandson rocked,
In a cradle, made of gold!

Lord smiled and blessed,
So, as he wished.
What a package boon,
The wise beggar won!

He got his sight,
An estate to his delight.
A good looking wife,
And a healthy long life.

He got all the riches,
To fulfil his wishes.
Later went to Heaven,
Long after his grandson.

by Rajaram Ramachandran

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