(2/18/94 / some where in this universe muhahaha)

Ant Hill

The hours are long, pushing your heart upon this hill.
The dirt pushes from under me,
Often times I have to start again,
moving one centimeter at a time.
The thought of your smile gets me through the day,
The bright sun, covering me with your presence, I jitter with excitement.
The thrill that awaits, placing your heart on the highest hill that I can.
I am not a smart ant, I look left when I should look right.
I hear every part of a sentence except where the most emphasis is put.
in no way possible could I ever equate to the things
you often fantasize. I couldn't tell you the first thing about a presidential debate,
The things I've done to pass the gleam of your eye in another direction.
All I ask is for a passing glance.
I mess up a lot, even so that I march the other direction until I realize that I am making the other ants job harder.
Though absent minded, I admit that this task that I am doing
isn't just for me. It's for you as well.
I am not the most handsome, nor witty. I make mistakes, I've made plenty.
But loving you has proven to be the best thing I've ever done right.
If not all, highlighting just one of my favorite things about you would mean the world to me.
Taking the time out to learn each and every aspect of you, at times I may stumble. But I'll never stop trying.
I never expected this journey to happen in a day.
I believe in you just as much as I believe in myself.
Even If I have to start over a million times,
I'll keep pushing until your heart is displayed for the world to see.
Even if I have to build an even higher hill than the next

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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