All Is Guilty

Standing on queue
All day long,
Like a detected wizard,
A guest of the sun.
My legs weak, but, strong,
Still I stand.
What I want is what I want
I cannot again, tomorrow call,
Let me wait longer,

Under the sun,
Still stand strong and weak,
Attend to me,
But No!
By-pass me the Agbada man,
Who arrived in a wow!
All eyes on him alighting,
A son by him.

Speaks a tongue I hear, but can't speak,
With a sudden change of good,
He got all I have been waiting to get for his son, and a hand smiled at a hand.
Leaving, he waves at me, still I'm standing

To the high table men,
You will cursed and cursed
Bad! Evil... Corrupt...!
The president is a thief.
What is the difference between a thief and a partial bigot?

Walking across the street,
I heard one man said,
'Obhie' Esan! ' Imuowa ni'yan
(I can't rent my house to an Esan man)
I heard the woman say; 'when you at once, see an esan man and a snake,
Kill the esan man first!
I want to know, what is the difference between a tribalist and a bad government!

In the office, you press-push a young-star,
'My friend you are an ordinary office assistance... What right have you to talk here!
He works and don't get paid, to the church you pay tithe, are you better than the looters? I mean, the Governors?

A child from another womb is under your care and he is treated by you like a less-human being, tell me what you are!

You hate! You jealous, you steal, you cheat... You this, you that..
You are not better than the senator,

All is guilty...

Sitting in the mid-day sun,
Watching the children,
Go all day hungry,
And you flashed past
Not even a strip of concern,
And I hear you talk against the other
You, what are you?

You lie, he rape
She funicate, he steals,
He cheats, she gossip,
You rob, he kills,
She seduce, he destroys,
All is guilty...

One of my good friend use to say,
In a reggae melody,
Before you judge me, make sure your hands are clean!

Promises without fulfilling,
Like Napolion to the comrades,
And foolishly we work. Work like Snowball,
The 'honourable' did this, he is corrupt, the 'Excellency' is corrupt,
He should go!
How about you?

Except the babies, from 0- 9,
All is guilty.
Why will the world not be on a left turn?

Hope lost! Lesser faith,
Will there be tomorrow?
In the face of tribalism, nepotism, partiality and more..
A dead world I call it

by Okoemu Barnabas

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