All Is One? ? ? (A Cold Case Solved)

Collective guilt tallies it's members...
Peruses over their years of past energies
Hops a memory flight back to Seattle
And concludes that their gooses might be cooked! ;
Fear makes them scurry...
Dumping all of the DNA and other evidence in their local landfill;
Covering over the beaten path they all walked...
Disinfecting the newspapers archives
In the needful hope of remaining incognito;
The headmaster still makes all of the calls.
She has her degree in Justice...
Oh so sure all of these years that her
Black robe would keep her lily white;
Unfortunately for her-her name surfaced a long while ago! ! !
Tied in with my April Showers & past Big Birds-
Merry-go-rounds with brass rings & Emily Dickinson;
Recalling: 'Pops beauty queen, perhaps no prude
But words were cutting' and
The proverbial Vic and Marion of yesterday...
When a puppet was a thing on a string-me! ! !
When East coast met West coast.
When umbrella's were recommended before the fact! ! !
Soothe Sayer that she was and is-
Today-tucked insecurely in her condo by the sea
Her plantation shutters nailed tightly
Just in case that dreaded tropical storm finally hits! !

By: Theodora Onken
August 9,2012

by Theodora (Theo) Onken

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