All Is Well That Proceeds In Love!

Hand-shake welcome leading to welcome hug turns acquaintance into friendship;
Welcome hug slowly leading to welcome kiss blooms friendship into love
Between a pair of souls made for each other in the life of the world full of romance!

This human relationship paves the way for the creation of many love stories in literature;
The arrow struck heart of star crossed lovers is depicted by artistic skill thereafter everywhere;
Romantic love turns into divine love from human to divine stage then in harmony with Nature!

Romantic love turning into love of humanity by maturity of self is universal love in history;
Such a love when socially spread by preaching becomes a religion for humanity to follow;
Faith based on truth arrived at by intellect is the work of philosophy that enlightens all!

Religion sans science is blind superstition and science sans devotion is inhuman;
Advancement of technology and profit motive monopoly are selfish adventure sans sense;
Senseless inhuman pursuits never flourish human life of love but only hatred to destruction!

Anything done sans love and devotion in the world is only heartless venture in vain
And the result will be bitter fruit of labour no one can enjoy to achieve fulfilment in life!

by Ramesh T A

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