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Kapodistrias' Seven Stains Of Blood

1. He wanted neither a salary, nor glory
or useless luxury shelves to show off;
only an assistant to share a cup of tea.

2. You Greek know that silence is stem of work,
the fair word becomes a rain for you, citizens.

3. Let Greece exit the caves, the slaves also
away of slavery to inhale their own oxygen.

4. The dog wanted to protect Kapodistrias
so it ripped his socks to force him return home
possibly getting rid of the killer in the ambush.

5. The woman-beggar wished to guard him;
pushed him down to excite his self-defense
before the murderer rushes to shoot on him.

6. The tree is the very witness of the murderer.
There he cleansed his hands from stains of blood
The storms, his allies, never eradicated the stains.

7. Kapodistrias now tends to move in his coffin.
Apparently he rests for a while but then again
marches for the Value, inviting us to march.

© JosephJosephides

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