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All Lives Matter - Because- We Can't Trust This- Justice Or Else
ET (6-19-68 / New orleans, La)

All Lives Matter - Because- We Can't Trust This- Justice Or Else

Justice for us
Justice for us
Not later
you must
Give justice for us
Because we can't trust
This or that
From some of the traps
Is it open season
What's your real reason
For attacking all lives matter
No more at the bottom of the latter
All lives matter
Advocating in on top
We told the unprofessional Bad cop
On the block to stop the lock
Down on all innocent lives that matter
Because it shatters
dreams and goals
Taking a major toll
On Families the community
The set-up's and slandering
All lives matter
We need the judge and the jury
To hold the one's accountable with the real fury
Holding the heat
causing innocent lives defeat
Activist in action
Our future generation
All colors every situation
Justice Or Else
Is not a threat it's a promise
All lives around the world have ultimately surface
Rising like never before (world wide)
Rising like never before (exposing it) You cant hide
All lives matter
Climbing the later
Bree Newsome climb the pole in South Carolina
Taking down the confederate flag
No time to grow weary and lag
Dragging our feet
You can't continue to cheat
All lives matter
Because we can't trust this
Justice Or Else!
By, Elizabeth Torres Afro-Pueto-Rican poet
Sept 6,2015 For social change justice

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All lives matter. a cry for justice against all the provocations in this world. those who do injustices, have their own reasoning, to kill, to beat, to punish, to put in jail, to destroy human lives, relationships, families, children and their future. this is a great cry against all injustices in this world. thank you. tony
It shouldn't have to take more than common sense to know that all lives matter equally but common sense isn't present in many. Nicely written. Thanks for sharing, Elizabeth.
Urging for justice provokes thoughts for freedom. Very wise sharing...10