All Love Has Failed Me

Poem By Glaedr the poet

Love I cannot have, for it is love that I fear
Never again shall I draw someone ever so near
No longer love will my heart ever hold
For my heart has hardened and turned ice cold
The virginity of my lips and body will never be given
Closer to insanity, and further from love I am driven
I cannot love, I am not destined
And forever a virgin will I be christened
I now beg for you to not seek my heart
For you will find the bitterness and surely depart
It is now that I am beginning to see
That I am alone and always it will be

Comments about All Love Has Failed Me

Wow this really spoke to me its so true. Sometimes I feel tha same way. Great Job Glaedr Leah
This poem feels so true and I love it. It is one of the poems that I can connect with and it is written so well. Good work Glaedr! ~Soap~
I love this poem because i feel the same way...great poem....i can never find love it always decieves me
Love thyself, it works better and you have more money. But seriously a deep write from the heart.
That is a very strong poems(my 'realization' is in a national book and tape) ... maybe you would like mine.. look and comment, maybe you will.... that is so sad.. i hope all goes well for you.. and i hope that karma comes arround for whoever hurt you.

4,5 out of 5
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