All My Certainty

I stare at who you are fading away
Caught a glimpse as it follows the breeze
I satisfy myself with a gentle tear
And close my eyes as it fails to cease

But even though it was just a glimpse
I try to chase it with a strand of reality
And when I catch a single piece
I will hold on to it with all my certainty

I would put it in box where I hid my dreams
Together with the words I’ve kept unsaid
And even though it would be lost in between
Atleast I’d never think that it’s gone
And already dead

But even though it would be lost
I’ll tie it to a strand of my reality
And even though it would seem gone and lost
It will hold on with all my certainty

by John Lorenzo Javier

Comments (1)

Your poem is full of hiden meaning, a little bit a hidden memory covered with a mist of time, kept inside one's memory...true, real but on the other hand elusive and distant :)