Far Yet So Near.

When we are Alone,
We become each others Shadow.
When we Cry,
We become each others Tears.
When we Laugh,
We become each others Smile.
When we miss each Other,
We embrace Ourselves.
When we sacrifice few Things,
Our love Deepens.
When we walk through tough Times,
We feel ours hands holding Together.

We are so far..
Yet so near,
You are just within me..
So close, so near.
We are like sun and the moon.
Deeply in love with each other..
But just not meant to be side by side.
Far Yet So Near................

by anju addanki

Comments (3)

Very sensitive. The eternal search! Great! !
It will definitely give solace to bereaved soul of reader. With leaf of love face holds charm and life remains in grace. Love enlightens life in beautiful way. An interesting poem is beautifully presented.10
It is a marvelous poem on love and dream having stunning and touching expression. All lines are amusing to read. Let me quote some lines... If like a creeper you cling to me ever And with leaf of your love caress my face No wind can bring you down to ground For bond of love will be strong with divine grace. Full vote.