EC (07-18-1989 / Arkansas)

In A Perfect World

I don't think you understand the effect you have on me.
Its 1 in the morning and I'm sitting in my bed listening to songs that make me think of you,
While you're with you girlfriend that you don't even love.
Can you tell me why it's so easy for the male species to move on so quickly?
I still love you even though you treated me so wrong for two years… I still love you
And in a perfect world you would love me too.
Why don't you love me?
What did I do wrong?
Now, I know I broke up with you but you were supposed to chase me,
In a perfect world you would chase me.
You would grab my waist pull me in and tell me you love me.
Bur as hard as it is for me to say… I don't think we are meant to be
I'll always love you
After all you were my first kiss
But I'm not letting myself get this worked up over someone who doesn't even think I'm worth it.
Not again,
Because in a perfect world I'll be there every time you came crawling back to me
Not anymore
I'm not a rebound and I do not believe those lies you always tell like:
I miss you and I love you.
You don't mean them; they're just words to you.
I was in what I thought was bliss and no longer will you brainwash me so….
Since this is not a perfect world
This is my last bit of my time I will waste on account of you
These are the last tears I will cry on your behalf
This is my final poem for you
My final recollection of you
My final goodbye to you

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Well express tell the how you feel
lies do that... I know I lied to my parents when I was younger and they still dont trust me. I hate it. I wish I could just take it back all the time. good job. *Purkey Girl*