EC (07-18-1989 / Arkansas)

All My Life

All my life I've walked down this pathway all alone
Facing all my fears and trying to survive
Wondering will it ever be my turn to shine
Cause all my life I've wanted to be something more than this

Something more than this girl that I am
This isn't the girl I dreamed I would be
Want to be more than this
But I lost all hope and now I'm not sure what to do

I'm lost and alone
Forever and always just me, myself, and I
That's all I will ever have
No one can see through the pain and tears behind my eyes

Wishing that someone would come and rescue me
Because I've waited all my life to shine
Now I guess I'm on my own
All my life I've waited and I guess I'm forever alone

Aug 5,2008

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This morning I read this poem of yours and was deeply touched. A perfect poem, free flowing like a natural stream, depicting the girl that you are, a girl in the dark seeking light. The four four liner stanzas perfectly hold the yearnings and trepidation of a solitary girl. Hope to read some more of your poems.
omg I love this poem! this is amazing! i'm adding it to my favs. I love your last stanza! very good job. *Purkey Girl*