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All My Life
CC (february 27,1990 / michegan)

All My Life

Poem By courtney claypoole

All my life
I have been looking for the one
The one to spend my life with
The one to keep me safe
The one to say I love you!

All my life
I never thought I would find him
Never thought it was possible
Never thought id be safe
Never thought I would get the chance to say I love you.

All my life
I wondered if he would find me
Wondered if he would make anything possible
Wondered if he would keep me safe
Wondered if ill ever get to say I love you.

All my life
I didn’t believe it possible
Didn’t believe I would be a lucky one
Didn’t believe he would find me
But then my life changed
He found me and he said I love you.

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Your poem reminds me of an old Beatles tune. I don't expect you to remember-'She Was Just Seventeen and You Know What I Mean.' goes on '...I'll never dance with another, since I saw her standing there.' Sounded good back then when I first heard it and believed it. You make it sound just as good. Hope you enjoy all of the rest of your life.