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All My Love
WL (11/24/1949 / Staten Island, New York)

All My Love

Without you I am empty
I am lost and out of touch
For all that you have done for me
I love you very much
For every sweet word spoken
And for all the smiles we shared
You’ve always been my heartbeat
You have always truly cared
This heart beats ever stronger
With each beat I love you more
For the simply beauty of you
The woman I adore
You know you mean so much to me
More then the stars above
Far beyond romantic cliches
I give you all my love
Your smile lights up the darkness
Your hand guides me to the light
With your arms around me
So safe secure and tight
I feel a love that touches me
From the inside out T
he tingling that consumes me
Never leaving any doubt
Sweet love of my life
Darling woman of my dreams
I find you everywhere I am
In every thought it seems
With every kiss that we have shared
I can never get enough
I keep them caressed inside my heart
And use them when times get tough
For every achy moment
That slowly passes away
I think of something we have done
that gets me through my day
And when I’m gazing at the moon
At the open sky above
I see your eyes in the heavens
Softly singing I send you all my love

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'You’ve always been my heartbeat' says it all - without there is no life. Ah L'Amour, L'Amour... Cindy