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New Patterns Adhering
( / Midwest)

New Patterns Adhering

Poem By RoseAnn V. Shawiak

there’s been many a night
in the darkness of
where I sit with
the reaper's hand on
my shoulder

and before he leaves
he always says
see ya someday
but I never much
care because
he tells a mean

and the lights of the city
are dimming
and the leaves on the trees
are changing
and the bell in the church
is tolling

and I can’t stop it

so many nights
dueling the shadows
and changing seasons
and all my pen
ever finds
to say is

is this it?

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Comments (14)

A thought provoking rendition insightfully crafted with conviction. Thanks for sharing, Ben.
Death And I Rode Motorbikes Together For Decades the grim reaper smiled put his hand on my shoulder but I did not feel colder because death and I ride motorbikes looking back at death I smiled death and I ride my motorbike together for decades rode motorbikes together death and I loving lapping up the ride Copyright © Terence George Craddock Inspired by the poem 'All My Pen Ever Says' by the poet Ben Paynter. Dedicated to the poet Ben Paynter.
Changing seasons with the muse of the night. Nice work.
'and before he leaves he always says see ya someday but I never much care because' loved it, I never much cared either, because death and I rode motorbikes together for decades, loving lapping up the ride :)
Clever ending.. Solid work