All Nationals

All nationals

I shall be watchful eye
Let anyone try
"Is shall be turned into was"
No one shall say "is" there any is

I am capable
To bring for people
New world to usher
And even to alter

I will bring
A tune to sing
With simple word
"Love" is my lord

Hate is late
To enter and seal fate
We are one and united
Any forces against peace shall be routed

I get boost
With first
Slogan of "we all"
Resolutely rise to serve all nationals

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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Κατερίνα Θ. Κουμλίδου 10 hrs · Like · 1 Manage
Tanni Bose Thank you sir... 5 hrs · Like · 1
Artwork by Isolde Kadry Lovely! Thanks! ☺♥ 15 hrs · Like · 1
Radhey Shyam Varshney Lovely initiative 3 October at 20: 40 · Edited · Like · 1
Monsif Beroual Monsif Beroual pentasi B sharing love everywhere 9 November at 07: 09 · Like mony!
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