(13 July 1793 – 20 May 1864 / Northamptonshire / England)

The Schizophrenia Life

His eyes are open, but he sees nothing
He's alive but he isn't living
He takes breathe, to sink into reality
From a dream he woke, back to insanity
Illusions from a distance, call him
claiming to be the saviour
Another deceit to take him

The young man, was a stray dog
Lost in the woods, yet in the open
Trapped in every direction
They came to steal his soul
But his mind sparked
Deciding life isn't all dark
Picked himself up
And moved on, taking a breathe in
They disappear, and his schizophrenia
Remains tame to the near future
But they came again, to talk to him
Whisper words of original sin
Telling him, he's dead if he stays here
Life is death in anyway, my dear

He takes their words, and swallows them
Taking action against the ones he loves
Stabbing every single last one
For the voices told him too
Now the loved ones are dead
He lays there crying, taking comfort in his bed

The voices again come to him, saying you're lost boy
Come with us, he takes the gun and realizes all is gone
Slaughtered family, life is now dust,
He pulls the trigger and ends his life
Such is the schizophrenia life

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bruh the heck is a brook 3Head oi mate
All nature has a feeling: woods, fields, brooks Are life eternal: and in silence they great words 10++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
I needs the poem called " the Tree" by Joyce Kilmer
your poems are rubbish hate them ew i will give a dislike
Why you have not given a theme of the poem
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