All Of Heavens Mine

Please don't mourn
My body on earth
Cause I wouldn't trade
For all the wealth and worth

My body was a capsule
That held my soul
For now I'm brand new
And completely whole

If you should cry
Cry tears of joy
For I'm like a kid
With a brand new toy

All of Heavens mine
At my feet
So don't mourn for me
Or what you've seen

All I ask
All my friends
Please find Jesus
So you can enter in

This great big Heaven
Made for all
With fields forever
To play football

It's like a place
You've never been
And on God's team
You always win

*This is in memory of: Jessie Johnson 5/21/04
He was 16, played football with my son for their
high school. He drowned. He was a good kid, but
best of all he knew the Lord! *

by Lagaya Evans

Comments (2)

A most wonderful tribute!
Lagaya that was so amazing. I loved it!