All Of Sudden

Poem By Jennifer Rondeau

Cut me open,
See the tears you brought,
See the cuts on my wrist,
See what you brought me,
Oh look at me,
Look at your ex girlfriend cutting on herself,
Do you like it,
Do you like what you see,
Do you like the blood dripping,
Do wanna see more of it,
See what you done to me,
You made me crazy,
I am insane,
Too late now,
I am gone for good,
Can't stop me,
I out of your life now,
I have a knife in my hands,
Don't know what to do anymore,
Lost in my mind,
Gone lost my mind,
All of suddenn you'll see me dead,
See me die,
Die in your arms.

Comments about All Of Sudden

Hurting your self maybe a good feeling to let that person knows that he caused it, but loving your self is better way of getting back at him.10 for this poetry,
don't start cutting or hurting ur self cause then u will never stop even if u want to trust me i should noe: (
excellent poem. Dont hurt yourself over someone thats not worth it. He's not worth your pain most of all your tears. Hang in there.
excellent poem. it was full of emotion, pain, and all that of which makes an excellent poem, such os this. i only have a few words of advice: dont hurt yourself. he's not worth it. Poet In Pain
hi jennifer i liked your poem very much.

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