All On My Own

i'm fine on my own
i'm strong and independent
i won't fall or give up
there's no room for dependence.
no one can tell me what i can or cannot do
i have to figure it out
i'll always face the truth
superficial beings
fake lips and breasts
i don't need that.
i'm happy contributing less.
so don't EVER tell me that i need you
don't EVER say that i'm fine
don't EVER think all those things
running around in your mind
'cuz i don't need you
i'm fine being me
theres too much at stake here
how about letting me be?

by Desiree Whitamore

Comments (1)

wo0w Desiree. you are so talented at writing. please never give that up. this poem is so good. wow. its so relateable. i love this poem. it's definitley in my favorite poems. this is really really great. keep it up.