Burnt Bridges

(Context: Challenges of a relationship gone sour)
Bridge was burnt on both sides
Repair attempts were total fail
Shouting from the banks now
Was to no avail

Grass seemed greener on the other side
But the river of ego was too wide
Swimming was too much of a trouble now
Because time had increased the divide

Every boat which carried their message now
Got drifted away without an aim
Every cry for a hug and embrace now
Seems like just another blame

The two banks went together now
Side by side all the way
But not ready to share now
As if there was nothing to say

Home which was built on the bridge now
Was reduced to a stranded shame
The embers are all that remains now
Of what once was a roaring flame

by Jibrael Jos

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Sorry Poetryhound, he does NOT know the answer. What do you expect, just look at the vatican. Bob keeps to his study so he doesn't save too many people, if he did they may not allow him to take his computer up through the Pearly Gates (space reasons) . It does get tiring though H
Let's see, should I go out and help feed homeless folks, help tutor school kids, volunteer at clinics for poor folks, or do any a number of other charitable acts OR should I sit at my computer and post presumptuous religious screeds posing as poetry? Which would God prefer me to do? I think I know the answer Bob, do you?