All Power

If I could take the world
into my world;
If I could be God-like
what would I do
with my All-Power?

Would I make Peace
What of Poverty?

I could gather all riches
to my self,
make my friends powerful or rich
or both;
help my parents?

Ask for more Power?
Use my Power to
make more Power?

What would I do with
All Power to do Anything?

Would I ask for Love?
Force someone to Love
me too?

I don't like All-Power
as I think about it.

What would I choose?

Could I have a few powers?
One or two?
All at the same time?

But even so
I would be
the only one.
and maybe lonely?

But if I could
and the price is lonely
why wouldn't I?
To have that power
would get me back
where I am now

What good then

This will take
some thinking

by Lonnie Hicks

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Comments (5)

Great circular pattern, questioning, answering, then thinking of more questions, very introspective and insightful inquiries throughout this poem. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn
Verily, a self realization approach Loved reading it..........10 I invite you to read my poems
wonderful and introspective across the humanistic philosophy that awes.........., thanks for sharing
Great poetry and a very good churning up of the soul. I loved it. CP
dude not bad. totally rated it a 10.