All Rules And No Mercy - Computer Is No Human

Poem By Sivamadhaviyam Siva Prasad peddi

Time for yourself you spare
Lesser the better 'you care'
All information it will share
It's simply a Machine there

Yet times it tends to be naughtier
Human is after all much mightier
You, the Master and its 'Tutor'
Just switch off the computer

No doubt, it is lifeless
When there is a fuss
You never make a mess
As it increases the stress

Be calm, cool, wait and think
The last operation, and that link
Which made the computer sink
Then in mind, it will exactly blink

Get back, simply open in safe mode
Let a previous working version reload
All Instructions to be carefully, followed
Into 'BIN' all the 'BUGS' will be moved

Working space, ready again
Love thy knowledge, its main
Support received, it's so fain
Wisdom from it, you will gain

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