All Spirits Will Rise

No one dares dream of beach houses
While walking on these dirty city streets
In the misty sullen rain
Where the children smile despite some new despair

by Uriah Hamilton Click to read full poem

Comments (6)

Others have already commented on the truth of the poem. I'd just like to add an appreciation of its technique, the excellence of your metaphors, the effect of your choice of words..
A snail can ease its one foot across a razor blade without being harmed.Though apart they are from quite different entities, it is still possible and still it amazes the onlooker.Wonderful writing here.Love Duncan
Always shocking, the realization that beauty and peace can be found in even the worst circumstances...
It's beautiful the way you wrote it, as it is despair in the message! The imagery is very well chosen for this kind of poem! Elya Thorn
Very visual and moving. S
simple and lovely, john