All Stops

Poem By Frances Macaulay Forde

I'm tired.
Two hours last night.
Three, the night before.
I want to
green flashes
puddles of gold
blue sky contrast
close my eyes.
The gentle sway
is soothing.
The gray shades
of my eyes
are heavy
as if someone
is pulling,
them down.
Flicker of sunlight.
Spring back up.
Oh, just a few moments
I'm so tired.
Sit up - deep breath.
The bright pains
skewer the tender
part behind my eyes,
forcing me to squint
and frown
(more wrinkles) .

If I succumb,
they'll show
even more
Neck is waving,
chin sinks into throat.
Tongue fixed to roof
of mouth.
except for the sway
- gentle -
then slight bumps.
A forward push and
I'm saved.
- nearly folded.
How embarrassing!
Sit up - deep breath.
Matchsticks - I need
(How come everyone
uses lighters these days?)

pulling to


Please NOTE: in retirement I have closed most of my web pages including francesmacaulayforde and poetscornerwa. Both of these pages have now been taken over by a bot. However, I have retained my Wordpress BLOG or my ETSY shop.

Comments about All Stops

The tab stops seem to help this along, as in your PDF but lost in PoemHunter. A website, huh? I'll have to take a look.
NOTES: This whole poem should be double-spaced... read very slowly, to the rythum of a smooth, quiet electric train. I travelled to University from the suburbs everyday and couldn't resist writing. People would ask about it and make me read to them... it was quite an experience which I highly recommend. I got a (quite successful) chapbook called 'Rail Tales' out of it.

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