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All Summer It Rained

It rained every day that summer
we stayed on Lacewood
I remember the street outside
became a torrent around dusk
when the sewers and stormdrains
atop our street spilled over
and ran downhill
seeking a covenant with the ocean
It stormed and the thunder spanked
the lonesome midnight air
and you said -
'I've almost forgotten warmth
or what it looks like when
the bed is half in shadow-
and I never want it any other way'

We checked our arms for spiders
We chased our spirits through the night
We searched each others back
for lost kisses and blemish
We kept warm
And we smiled at each other
in a vague, familiar smile
never waiting for the rain
always knowing it would come again
and the streets would become rivers
and the grasses soaked and muddy
and our shoes would sing in squeaks

We laughed at every window left open
We laughed at every dropp we dripped
from our noses and onto the curious pets
waiting like statues
cloaked in simple black velvet.
We never wanted cover
We always liked the rain
And we never,
not even for a moment,
missed the sun again.

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You paint a beautiful scene, Q.R...