(3/12/1968 / Manhattan, KS)

All That Hope Can Do

What expectation can I hold that I will
desire without fear of unfullfilment.

If life holds no desire
then it's no life at all.

If life's desires are
unfullfiled it is no life at all.

I have no life at all,
and yet I continue.

And this is all that hope can do.

by John Kipling Lewis

Comments (4)

Yes and it is this very HOPE that often saves us from ourselves, giving us just that one missing bit of courage we may need to go on. Thoughtful poem, I can relate. marci.m.
I like this, it's thought provoking.
2. No images, no sensory details, nothing to pull a reader in, just vague abstractions which convey nothing and are rather cliched. For a good link on this: http: //www.everypoet.org/pffa/showthread.php? s=&threadid=9935
This is beautiful, and hope is what keeps everyone going!