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All That I Thought
DK (honestly why would i tell you? / does it matter?)

All That I Thought

The overwhelming waste
All the time
All the tears
All of my young life
The debilitating waste

It's all gone now

Every single minute of my high school
Thoughts of women, love, and loneliness
These musings ruled and still rule
My entire existence I obsessed for years
About when or how I could tell you all that I did, all my fears
Everything that I thought about you, but none of it is enough
It never was to you
Never was for me too
Now we don't even speak
Now we won't ever speak
I always wondered what I'd say
Always wanted to tell you how I felt, how I feel
Now you'll never know
Won't even know about my day what I will do with my life
We live separately now. I know I wont see you
Can I have my time back?

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