DL (2/3/87 / Middlesbrough)

All That Is Forever Was

All that was forever is and will be forever more
Cast a circle, kiss the wind, and walk on through the door.
All that is forever was yet remains just like before
You say this feeling’s all of my love yet I’d vouch that it was yours
All that is forever was and will be forever more
Dance in circles, hear sirens sing, walk on through the door.

I’ll meet you on the other side of Dawn's fresh twilight gaze
I'll greet you with a smile as we walk on through the maze;
This Labyrinth of splendour in which we may spend our days
Will lead us round in circles, will leave us sorely crazed.

Ever walking hand in hand join with me in unison
Grant me the grace to share with out the beauty of this land,
For let it be known that it has past been said that it is not we
Who inherit the Earth from our ancestors but it is we who
Borrow the love of our most gracious mother from our children.
It is they upon their clouds of cotton candy innocence that understand
And love Our Lady the most; it is for them that she plays host so
That they may understand that the ghosts of their forefathers
Are those same spirits that may once more be born unto this realm.

We are those that uphold a truth in unison with harmony,
We are those that were never told to keep steady at the helm
Yet now as I emerge from a life of decadent indulgence I perceive
A vision forming, now as every moment alongside every movement
Is significant as the farthest star, now liquid branches move in languid
Formations, casting shadows that open stairwells to the kingdom of
Shades. Upon a bridge of ivory the spirit of temptation wages duel
With the angel that guides my hand, they fight upon the subject of my
Soul, the angel fights to make me whole whilst the demon consoles
Himself in knowing that the battle may never be won, for they are as
One in the same and know that neither will strike the other severely
In fear of disrupting the balance of their natures law. The demon tempts
Me with scenes of drug fuelled orgies, he promises wisdom through
The blanket night, promises light without light, clarity without purity,
He promises the kiss of a thousand virgin souls, he promises wealth
Beyond the reach of green eyed dreams yet the angel whispers
Honesty and perceives in my eyes a wish to know the truth of my
Creation, he knows that I wish to hold true the girl of dreamtime
Wandering and he knows that I would be happy in her arms alone.
The angel promises romance to exist beyond its burial within this age,
He promises that beyond the turning of the page that no more wars
Will be waged in the clawing for black gold, he promises that I may
Grow old with dignity if I commit myself not to purity but moderation,
The devil screams excess it demands my greed enflamed but I
Understand moderation to be the key within a realm of appreciation,
For if we are to indulge we are also to refrain, if it is to be a golden
Summer we require a springtime rain. If we are to know pleasure
May it only be from a knowledge of pain and through self
Control we may keep steady the reigns that bind the blind horses that
Carry our Soul Charioteer, through woodland clearing and forest
Fears, it is through moderation and an open mind that we may learn
To grow, it is through acceptance and appreciation that we may learn
To know the honour of our brothers alongside the beauty of our sisters?
If we are never to open our hearts alongside our souls how are we
To know the beauty of our brothers alongside the honour of our sisters?

by David Lacey

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