All That Is Insane

We drank from the same wine glass
We waited for the right moment to pass
We wished upon the same evening star
But that didn’t get us very far
You had me wandering in a lover’s maze
I got lost in your gaze
With just a little smile you move me
You had so many ways to soothe me
Don’t ask me to explain
All that is insane
We swam in the same swimming hole
We would have gone fishing but we forgot our pole
We lay naked in the scorching sun
Turning beet red wasn’t any fun
Your cute little giggle had a way to calm me
If ever I die, I want you to embalm me
But like a half forgotten dream
I awaken, shaken, to a sweaty scream
The pain is what will remain
For all that is insane
We traveled different roads
We unraveled different codes
We somehow lost the meaning of a relationship
Got tangled in a knot and lost our grip
Misplaced our shadows in the dark
Positioning our posture for that last remark
All I know is love can’t be bought
We lost, even giving it our best shot
A hit below the belt we cannot feign
It’s all so insane
Did we try every little trick
Or did we not care a lick
Did we think we could start all over again
When we don’t even know where to begin
Did we evolve to this
Every minute eternal bliss
We keep dragging each other down
You play the fool, me the clown
When will we tire of the ball and chain
And all that is insane

by Alfred Ramos

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