CP (4-8-72 / marlboro ma)

All That Jazz

July fourth fireworks offered quite the spectacular light show!
later we made quite the bang! insatiable appetites collided
while moody jazz by gershwin assuaged us as we created
melodies of an intimate nature.
your skin had a sheen of sweat which glistened in the dancing
light of the candle. my hips moved in concert with yours in a
rhythmic syncopation, as if a metronome kept time for us.
minutes counted in hurried breaths as we delved deeper
into heady body beats. our movements changed tempo as
ella sang its swonderful. you arched your back clenching the
sheets. you kissed me hard, your release at the apex of our
love a tantric crescendo.
blood rushes hot! this harmony between us sets the pitch,
while the drums pound out a backbeat! outside sounds of
bottle rockets explode in the air, as i erupt and tug your hair.
jazz as smooth as fine cognac and sultry as silk lulls us
as we listen to marsalis seduce his sax. we sink into the
satin sheets tired in all the right places as waves of
gillespie caress us dizzy spent lovers
clay perry

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