All That Matters

As the bon fire rores on in the heart of summer
us old friends talk of old times when we were children
as innocent as jesus
whatever happened to us?
ask ne one of us and no1 could tell you the answer
we talk of the good times
the first kisses
the secret wishes
we talk of the bad times
the fights
the breakups
the realization that sometimes wishes dont come true

we talk of everything yet we talk of nothing
and the difference between us now and then
is now we know that though we think its everything its truely nothing
and then it was everything and thats all that it was

what we dont know is whats to come
and we dont care
not at this moment
when the fire light splashes our fashes and makes shadows behind us
when all we here is eachother talking and laughing
in our rememberence of what used to be
and our ignorance of whats to come

we know there will be troubles
but we also know this is a memory none of us will forget
some of us might go on to become presidents and important officials
others teacher, buisness men, bus drivers
or even wife beaters, drug attics, and whores

but what we do know is
that though there are always going to be bad times
this one great time will last forever
and that, right now, is all that matters

by Steven Brewer

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