All That's Left Of Me

If there are no wounds,
How am I bleeding?
If out comes no sound,
How am I screaming?

You lied and deceived,
Left me broken and shattered,
And down to the floor,
My fragile heart clattered.

Even though we were done,
You said we’d be fine,
That we’d talk everyday,
That the fault was not mine.

How could I be,
So blind as to believe,
That you were speaking the truth,
To a girl lost in naiveté?

I’ve been told more than once,
To get up and move on,
But they just don’t understand,
That I’m broken when you’re gone.

I don’t want you back,
Don’t be confused,
For I don’t again want to feel,
At the end so used.

Merely I wish that,
I’d had the foresight to see,
That when this was over,
It’d be the end of you and me.

You were my best friend,
For as long as you wanted,
And then you just up and left,
While still I was haunted.

And the pieces of heart,
Strewn haphazardly on the floor,
Will long be dusty and dry,
Before they’re ready to break once more.

by Alexis DeLancey

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