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All The Days Of The Week
WM (02/23/1985 / West Palm Beach, FL)

All The Days Of The Week

Monday's a drag, Tuesday's never better
Wednesday sucks, and Thursdays wetter

Friday looks promising, but it never pans out
Saturday's boring, and Sunday's all shout

Friday night get drunk and get wild
Saturday alarm clock gets me riled

Sunday go to church and pray
Monday go back to work, hurray

Yeah right, work week gets me down
I always feel like leaving this town

Getting away even for a day
Foot on the pedal, no delay

A break from all this mess
Can't live with no more stress

A beach, a drink, and a lawn chair
No need to send up a flare

Living life in the slow lane
Never once using my brain

Never going to happen, but I can dream
Even though this life makes me wanna scream

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