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The Comet
TRM (7/21/92 / Rochester MN)

The Comet

Poem By Albert Durrant Watson

All The Drugs In This World
Won't bring back my past
I try every drug I can find
Hoping one high will last
The one thing they can't do
Is the one thing that I want
Though I know I'm insecure
Its security that I flaunt
Acting as if I'm invincable
The drugs make me fly
I live for this addiction
Only alive from high to high
This sick sad addiction
Is all I'm living for
Without it my life is empty
I've lost everything and more
Now I sit in my room
Wondering how long this high will last
All The Drugs In This World
Can't bring back my past

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Comments (8)

may i please have the poem about DRUGS
An insightful piece on drug addiction, well conceived and nicely crafted with conviction. Thanks for sharing Tatianna.
Very relatable... l've lost everything and more... Horrible sentiment written perfectly.
Though I know I'm insecure Its security that I flaunt.....I relate to that.
I don't remember this in my first readings of your first thirty poems but I have such a messy memory. This poem is so absolutely in line with my experience when, at the age of 17, I tried to marry my childhood sweetheart but was left at the altar because she gave in to her parents bribing her to leave me. I went on a 18 year binge of one high to the next to bury my heartbreak, even while dating others, I had to try and stop thinking about that first true love. I nearly died from the mess I made of my life because of my self-pity and heartbreak. This poem reflects all of this in such a perfect and concise way. You are one mighty talebt dear Ms. Moonshadow. I respect you very much.