All The Goods

Poem By Sadiqullah Khan

All the goods and all acts done, undone,
Would it not put the artist erstwhile, on shame?
And your sham claim, to have smothered the line.
Did you tie a string to his hand, or a cunning muse to his sense,
And next you shall lay hands, like the Immortal,
On whatever is the mortal's sway, scripture, word and paint.

Like God, claimeth all human virtue,
Dead and living, all morality, all spirit
Every deed of note, and thus surpass, every
Evil, left to the humans. As all Kingdom belongs to Thee.
So is Hades, Heavens and Hell.

So by deceit, all good is yours,
My toils swept the river's way,
And blessed is my flesh, my soul betray.

-On the abuse of art and artists as state propaganda.

Sadiqullah Khan
June 6,2014.

Image: Hot stuff, Jackson Pollock
Modern art was CIA 'weapon'
The spy agency used unwitting artists such as Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning in a cultural Cold War @ The Independent Friday, June 6,2014.

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