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All The Light You Can
TG (March 18,1963 / Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

All The Light You Can

Strike a match and light your sky
And stars will swirl like sparklers
Cart wheeling towards a black hole

Like neglected relics
Nothing inside catches

Your eye eclipses both Mercury and Venus
Overshadowing the meteor belt
Of a heart haunted by past partners
Who wallowed unprotected
And nasty

Throw a match
Burned out and exhausted
Into a galaxy
Where grit gathers grit
And true strength fades like fashion

The left side of your face holds special effect of neon blush
The right
Fabricated beauty of
Dishonor and vanity but at least for yourself

Frame all the light you can

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Comments (2)

What a great poem! I really liked this. One thought I had...as an aside...because it doesn't really matter that much...Cart wheeling...should that be one word? But it's beautiful. I really liked it.
This is simply wonderful. Each time I read it, I see something new. Raynette