All The Sins I Did - (From A To Z)

Poem By dev gowri

Acted all the scenes of stupidity.
Bared all the desires of senses.
Ceded all the love for pretties.
Celebrated all the failures of life.
Defied all the warnings of elders.
Enjoyed all the lascivious glance.
Gambled all the wealth of efforts.
Hated all the pretensions of world.
Imbibed all the venom of serpent.
Jilted all the love heart mates.
Kindled all the souls for freedom.
Killed all the hopes of mother.
Loved all the beautiful faces.
Melted all the pains in laughter.
Neglected all the sayings of kin.
Opposed all the findings of others
Penned all the words of heart.
Questioned all the rules of man.
Remembered all the days of past.
Shared all the tender feelings.
Tasted all the fruitful sins.
Uttered all the slang of boys.
Violated all the lawful deeds.
Wasted all the precious time.
Yielded all the wealth to love.
Zipped all the bags of secrets.

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A sublime start with a nice poem, Dev g. You may like to read my poem, Love And Lust. Thank you.

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