All The Time In The World

Poem By James Grengs

All the time in the world-
What we could have had, if you would have taken it.
But you didn’t. I was not what you wanted, at the time.
Might I ever be?
My conscious tells me, only time will tell.
But now, Time, the only thing we wished for more of,
Is the only thing I have in abundance,
And I don’t want it, anymore.

Maybe, if you had given it more time,
It would have happened.
All you gave it wasn’t nearly enough,
For the rest of your life, anyway.
But no- you refused me that chance,
For reasons only you might understand.
Why didn’t you trust to time?
Why did you only trust to the moment,
Not to waiting?
All it might have taken was waiting.
It might have happened, then, had you been willing to try again.
But you weren’t,
And aren’t,
And won’t be,
All the time in the world,
Has become mine, and mine alone.
All the time in the world,
Has become the time that I will be alone.

Comments about All The Time In The World

I feel for you on this piece..I really do. Though it feels more like you're throwing yourself a pity party, trying to get the guilty party to feel bad for you. Don't think I'm being rude, judging by your work I feel like your a writer who has the potential to honestly excel at poetry and that you'll understand where I'm coming from in my feedback. I think you just need to dig deeper into the emotion, really get to the root of the hurt and write from that anguish. You’d be amazed at the poetry that will come from your pen once you're writing from the eye of the storm. Always, Amberlee

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