(10/02/1960 / Haiti)

All The Walls Shall Fall Flat

The Berlin wall is now gone.
Myriad of people had fun
Destroying many parts. When it was built,
That was no joke. That division, that split
Was found to be necessary,
At one particular time, in history.
Let me warn you: every wall will fall,
No matter how strong, short, thick or tall.
The natural forces like landslides, wind, dust, rain,
Earth movements, etc. will destroy the chicken
Fences eventually. Make it see-through or sexy,
Make it thin or fat or make it rough or slimy.
This wall will disappear and will not last a century.
God, who created the universe and the humanity,
Does not like doors, windows, barriers, and divisions;
That's why Heaven and Hell have no restrictions.
There is no heritage. Your deeds will take you to your station.
All the walls will fall flat on the ground for countless reasons.
Don't forget that you and I are on earth for a few seasons.
All walls shall fall flat; it only takes a little shake
It only takes a little mudslide or a tiny earthquake.

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Hébert Logerie is the author of several collections of poems.

by Hebert Logerie

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' God, who created..........and divisions' - Liked the lines