All The World Is But A Fool

All the world is but a fool,
Made to falsely believe myths as true;
Which the gods formed to be such weak
That do cringe too, If they speak;
They set death for their fleeting life,
Made lad live, merry with his wife;
To dance and enjoy- very life's vanity
Of that he never feel self-pity;
You toil and toil and wander as stork,
And you pursue like that of hawk;
When life's conserved in the gods' stead,
Must you lament over loss of dead;
Mourning your doom, fate and grunk,
Why not drink much milk and get drunk
As you are object moulded from clay,
Nothing but serve gods and to them, Pray
To feed on beasts and till the earth,
For this be chore, Man was given breath

by Moses Ebuka Adebayo

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