Child's Game

As I am peace lover
I can smile over
The recent happenings
Where I witnessed beautiful evening

I walk calmly in the street
And greet
The people who meet and express
The willingness on face

I am in confusion
With no compulsion
As I shall give full answer
Not to many but fewer

People may have doubt
And they secretly talk about
But still they try to explore
And openly ask for

Person can dream for love
But reality has to be believed
It is not child's game
But after all proposal must openly come

by Hasmukh Amathalal

Comments (3)

A great introspective poem that is meaningful and thought provoking too.
ALL things can tempt me from this craft of verse - - That's true; many things keep me from writing, also. When I was young, I had not given a penny for a song - - But now I truly appreciate poetry as I have never done before. This poem deserves much higher than the 6.1 rating given by the 44 voters so far.
With the temptations of life. Thanks for sharing.