DZ (It was many and many a year ago / In a kingdom by the sea)

All Things Lost

Of all words ever said before,
Of all the knowledge known,
Of all the theories held before,
And all that I've been shown;
Of everywhere I've been before,
Of all the actions made,
Of all the sights I've seen before
Throughout the sunlit day;
Of all beauty ever made before,
Of all wingéd creatures high,
Of all the music ever played before
Beneath the nighttime sky;
Of all tales ever told before,
Of all the treasures found,
Of all the ancient kings of yore
Who rest buried underground;
Of all the souls conceived before,
Of all ideas of mind,
Of all the dreams I've dreamed before
And all else of that kind;
Of all the verses made before,
Of all that I could be,
Of all prayers ever prayed before,
On land, in air or sea;
Of all the angels in the heavens,
Their feathered wings unfurled;
Of all the harmonies of God,
And all life in this world -

The loss of all such precious things;
The death of all else too,
Would be a minor trifling
Compared to losing you.

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Comments (2)

10! Very well done. Appreciate your work.
This is just the most wonderful love poem ever. It is controlled and tight, unlike most emotional, rambling love poetry. Your list is thoughtful, visiual as well as auditory, and complete. Good work. Raynette