(6 August 1809 – 6 October 1892 / Lincoln / England)

We Are A Mystery!

You know what makes me laugh,
And you know what makes me cry.
I also know the same of you,
Are we so different you and I?

But the thing that really puzzles me
When it comes to women and men,
Is I am just as confused today
As I have ever been.

You seem to know me inside out,
And yet at times you don’t.
Do you have a magic crystal ball that
Sometimes works, and sometimes won’t?

Certainly we are a mystery.
A puzzle that will never end.
Like a river with many branches,
That meet together at the ocean’s bend.

Maybe this great puzzle
That separates us boys and girls,
Is the mystery that sustains us,
And what also spins this world.

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I am programmed to love this poem read by a robotic voice
East and West Tennyson is the best as a bard .
Not one of his best...
Tennyson is the best poet of all time; he ranks up there with Virgil and Isaiah.
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